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Configure Apple iPhone with My Hosted Exchange

This document outlines how to configure your Apple iPhone with our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.

Please note your circumstances may differ slightly due to software version, machine or internet service provider configuration, however the settings provided here will assist with successful configuration of your computer email software.


When configuring your email software or device, please consult the welcome pack instructions for server information, username, password, and specific settings. This information is provided as a generic guide alongside your specific setup information provided by our team.

Need Help?

In the event you are not able to properly configure your email software using this guide, please visit our website and open a support ticket. Our team is available and ready to assist.
Required Firmware
The minimum required iPhone firmware is version 2.1 (use iTunes to download and upgrade your device firmware)

To check your iPhone firmware release, navigate to Settings -> General -> About and check the version information.
Getting onboard My Hosted Exchange with your Apple iPhone is easy and fast.
Within minutes, you can be accessing and using the best mail service for your iPhone, My Hosted Exchange.
Step 1 - Create a New Microsoft ActiveSync Account
From the main iPhone menu, select Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Then, add a new account - select Microsoft ActiveSync as the account type.
Step 2 - Enter Your Account Credentials
Use the information from your welcome pack which contains the username, email address, server and password credentials.
Ensure SSL is ON.
Step 3 - Verify Your Account
Check your account details are correct, then select Next to begin verification.
You may be prompted to enter the server name to complete the verification process.
If the account verification fails, please go back and check the credentials and server name entered.
Step 4 - Select Services for Synchronisation
Choose folders, calendars and services to be automatically synchronised with your Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.
Now you are ready to be more productive whilst on the move with your Apple iPhone and My Hosted Exchange
That's it.
Now your emaill software should be configured and ready for use with our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.
Need Help? Please visit our website, then click on Technical Support and provide details for your technical support request.

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[email protected] Wishing our client Good News Week all
the very best for their last TV show, it's
been fun watching !!…
1:59 PM Apr 13th, 2012

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