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Spam and Virus Protection

Today, more than ever, businesses rely on email communications for the transfer of important information.
Spam and viruses are evolving in new and sophisticated ways to avoid detection from business mail servers and your inbox.

Reducing spam, junk messages and unwanted email trojans is more than updating virus signature files on your computer or office mail server - the constant threat of attacks and attempts to gain control of business computer systems calls for thinking 'outside the box'.

Traditional Software Challenges

Many spam and virus filter software products install locally on email servers and computer workstations, only detecting junk email after it has been received and processed, allowing unwanted messages to consume internet connectivity bandwidth and increase office running costs.

Real-Time Spam and Virus Filter 

MailProtect Australia provides real-time message filtering on purpose-built, clustered computer systems which targets the reduction of unwanted messages before reaching your office internet connection, mail servers and staff inboxes.

Australia Owned 

Mail filtering designed for Australian businesses is here, in Australia.
Local, expert technical support for Australian businesses is available when you need it - no overseas call centres, just friendly and professional help.

How do we do it? 

There are many message filtering companies, mostly located in the US and Europe.
The majority use similar detection and cleaning technologies.

We're no different - except when it comes to local support and realistic pricing.

Our purpose-built infrastructure utilises multiple layers of detection techniques for real-time processing of email, removing unwanted messages before they reach your mail system.

We check and remove exploits including embedded links (sometimes called phishing), viruses, spam messages and perform detailed attachment scanning for hidden trojans.

Our known exploits and bad sender database is also maintained to quickly reject messages from undesirable internet locations.

No need to update signature files, MailProtect is updated all day, every day.

Effective Filtering

We successfully block Spam, Viruses, Trojans and other unwanted email including exploits and messages which adopt images or patterns instead of virus signatures.

Threat Type
More than 99% reduction
More than 99% reduction
More than 99% reduction
Images and Embedded Junk mail
More than 99% reduction

Our systems continuously learn, adapt and protect against new threats and exploits

Real Support, No Robots

No robot responses, no scripted emails and no buck-passing.
A real person reads every support request and responds to individual questions or issues. When your business email is critical, we don't keep you waiting days for help when you need it.

Works with existing email

MailProtect works with any email system, reducing email processing tasks and passing on legitimate messages to your business office mail server or internet service provider mail system.

Service Pricing

MailProtect packages start from $2.50 per month (MailProtect Starter) and can be tailored to suit businesses from 1 mailbox to 1,000 mailboxes.

Traffic (email) per Month
Cost per Month
MailProtect Starter
MailProtect Standard
MailProtect Advanced
MailProtect Tailored Talk to us about your specific requirements More info

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Our service includes:

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We provide a fully managed Hosted Microsoft Exchange service for your business with tailored support options. Our organisation is customer focused with Expert Local Support.

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[email protected] Wishing our client Good News Week all
the very best for their last TV show, it's
been fun watching !!…
1:59 PM Apr 13th, 2012

[email protected] Wishing our client Good News Week all
the very best for their last TV show, it's
been fun watching !!…
1:59 PM Apr 13th, 2012

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