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Why would I use Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server?

If you run a business with staff on the move, we can provide a fully managed, feature-rich email system which can be accessed from anywhere. Staff can communicate via Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, mobile phone or web browser based email. Calendar appointments, tasks, resources (such as vehicles and meeting rooms) can all be accessed and managed via Exchange Hosting mail system.

When you utilise the power of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server with our mobile email solution, your team become unchained from their office desk and free to be with customers. Respond to emails on the move, send quotes to customers and close sales effectively via mobile email - that's the power of Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server. Welcome to our Exchange Hosting FAQ.

Who uses Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes utilise our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service.
From sales and marketing companies through to retail, manufacturing and outdoor trades.

How is this different to my current email system?

Most email programs use POP3 technology, which retrieves messages before permanently removing from a mail server. This is fine if you don't need to keep mail records. Our Hosted Exchange service stores your mailbox on our secure, managed servers, presenting a local copy on your computer or mobile device.

If your computer is lost, broken or stolen, simply logon from another computer and your email will continue as if nothing happened.

No missed messages, no lost mail stores. Calendars, appointments and tasks saved and backed up automatically.

What Does Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server Look Like?

Our system uses Microsoft Outlook and Entourage, the same way you do right now.
Outlook WebAccess (web browser based email) looks similar to your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Does Hosted Exchange work with mixed email client software?

Yes, you can mix Microsoft Outlook versions with Entourage, AppleMail, Thunderbird and more.

Can I use my mobile phone with this service?

Yes, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and smart mobile email devices are welcome.

What do I need from my Telco to use mobile email?

A data plan is all that's required.
In most cases if you can surf the web on your mobile device, you should be able to send and receive email via our service from your mobile.

Not Sure?
We can help simplify data plans and setup a mobile email solution with your provider.
Send us your contact details below and we'll be in touch to get your moving quickly.

Can I split mailboxes between Hosted Exchange and my existing email system?

Whilst this is possible, it's not a recommended configuration.
This is because splitting mailboxes between different email systems adds complexity to your messaging system and may result in extended time required to troubleshoot difficulty sending messages if we need to work with two email systems.

Can I obtain assistance to setup my Hosted Exchange service?

Yes, we provide documentation, user guides, and can lend a hand to help migrate your existing email.
If you are not tech-savvy, our guides contain screen shots showing what to type and which buttons to click, however if you're not confident enough to follow our guides we recommend you seek additional technical assistance.

Will I be tied into contracts?

We value your business and don't force customers into unfair, expensive contracts.
You can change, re-size or cancel at anytime.

Are servers located locally?

Yes, all infrastructure is located locally - no offshoring or overloaded servers hosting your important business communications.

This ensures optimal performance without latency as we don't operate servers on the other side of the world.
Our support team are here too, so we're available when you're open for business.

What about Spam and Virus Filtering?

Yes, we provide this service - FREE to Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server customers.
Leading virus and spam protection from MailProtect is now available at no extra charge.

Read more about MailProtect, email protection that works in Australia, on our MailProtect webpage.
Yes, support is also here locally. Now that's good news.

What do you mean by Fully Managed?

This is one of the best inclusions with our service - we take care of the administration, technical configuration, support issues and renewal reminders for your services managed by us.

This saves you time, effort and stress associated with remembering usernames, passwords, website URLs and service providers. It also means your services are configured correctly and tested by our technical staff.

My Domains and Websites are a mess. Can you Help?

Yes, we can help consolidate, reconfigure and optimise your online presence.
Just let us know when signing up for our Hosted Microsoft Exchange service and we'll be in touch to assist**

Lost domain and website password?
Yes, we can help with those too - When we're done, you will be sent a detailed list of services, usernames and passwords.

I have no idea, I just need help getting mobile email

If you are not sure where to start, we can help.
Scroll down this page and send us your contact details.

We'll be in touch to discuss your requirements and help determine the best way forward for your business - no obligation and no sales pressure.

Why don't I just pay $5 per month for a "mega mailbox" hosted overseas ?

Whilst a cheap hosting option sounds attractive, often in reality the service may not be all it seems.
Our pricing guarantees your business email communications are stored and operated on locally based server equipment, without the need to send your mailbox databases overseas or across to the other side of the world.
This is also important when you require technical assistance, as our staff are available (and awake) when you are conducting business locally.

We're proud of the service which our team have designed, built and maintain, so your business can have peace of mind as our team are dedicated and focused on your business support requirements.

How does My Hosted Exchange compare with Google Mail and other Freemail services ?

Customers value our service for the following reasons:

1. Local Infrastructure - Here in the same country, online when you are.
2. Expert Local Support - Design, Deployment, Maintainence and Help.
3. No Overseas Call Centres - Call a local number for local staff.
4. Tailored Solutions - One size does not fit all, if you need a customised solution we can do that too.
5. Specialisation - Hosted Exchange is what we specialise in with a dedicated technical support team.

If these features are important to you, talk to us about My Hosted Exchange and how we can help your business connect with customers, staff and suppliers.

Your Success is our Success

We endeavour to do everything we can to ensure your online success.
Our team are outcome focused with your goals as our priority - No corporate treatment, just real outcome focused support from our team of dedicated technology professionals.


Microsoft Exchange Hosting Plans

Hosting for business without the cost
surprises and no cheap overseas servers.

All website hosting plans include:

Infrastructure and Support

We're serious about maintaining leading
infrastructure to host customer networks.

Our service includes:

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About My Hosted Exchange

We provide a fully managed Hosted Microsoft Exchange service for your business with tailored support options. Our organisation is customer focused with Expert Local Support.

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[email protected] Wishing our client Good News Week all
the very best for their last TV show, it's
been fun watching !!
1:59 PM Apr 13th, 2012

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